How does the "Love it or it's free" promotion work?

Updated 1 month ago by Forrest

If you don't love your first ball hammock it's on us.

That's a pretty vague statement,so lets take a look behind the meat curtains at how you can join Ballhalla, completely stress free.

  1. Purchase a pair of Ball Hammocks. It doesn't matter which of our many styles you pick, they're all insured by the BDIC*.
  2. Test those Bad Larrys out.
  3. If by some mathematical impossibility our ball hammocks don't force you onto a one way train to pleasure town, shoot us an email at requesting that you would like to take advantage of this promotion and receive a refund.
We will refund up to $25.99 for your first pair of boxers. If you bought more than one, then you will need to return the additional pairs for a refund.

*BDIC is an acronym for the Balls and Dick Insurance Corporation

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