Do you have a phone number?

Updated 1 year ago by Forrest

Ah, the classic rotary telephone. Phone support is not something we offer at the moment because it seems most people call on in just to shoot the shit.

Jokes aside, we actually prove to be more efficient (which means faster) via email and live chat (when available). Should you hate those and want to give The Zuck some insight into our relationship you could contact us via Facebook or Instagram as well, but we may not respond quite as quick.

With the attempt of evolving from past methods our grandparents used, here are other communication channels we've moved away from:

  1. Fax Machines
  2. Morse Code
  3. Nextel Chirp
  4. Telegrams
  5. Singing Grams
  6. Really, any kinda grams (Except instagram)
  7. Pigeon Carrier (though, we'll be impressed if we get one of these)
  8. Horseback Message
  9. Snail Mail

We may use phone if the circumstances permit after a customer reaches out to us via one of the other methods.

Shoe Phone

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