Can I switch my standard Ball Hammock Boxer subscription to Couples or long leg subscription?

Updated 5 months ago by Devin Minnick

First off, thank you for being part of our Shinesty family!

Secondly we can totally get this done but you will have to tag team on this with us like my summer wrestling duo partner the Sneakity Snake!

  1. Reach out to our customer service team via Once we hear from you we will be able to get that old subscription out of the way for you by turning it off!
  2. Then you're free to go on our website to start the new longer leg subscription and best part you get to choose the first design again!


  1. Check out your account on by clicking on our friend in the top left corner that looks like this icon below!
    1. Once you meet our friend in the corner he will make sure you're signed into your account if you are not already!
    2. Once sign in is all good to go and you're now faced with your account menu options. We will need to select the "Subscriptions" option which is first from the left!
    3. Now that you've made it to our bat cave, there will be a number there to call and cancel your old subscription.
    4. Now with the old subscription turned off we now have the freedom to start that new subscription with the longer option and best part you get to choose the first design for this subscription again!

Thanks for coming along for the ride and if you made it this far I hope it was because we were able to get things taken care of for you and if not and you have questions don't be afraid!

We are always happy to help any question you may have via our email

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