How can I cancel or edit my order?

Updated 3 months ago by Forrest

We all make mistakes, it's what makes us human.

Our warehouse is a mean, lean, streamlined shipping machine. If we make any changes it throws a sopping wet wrench into our extremely delicate, beef jerky and Budweiser fueled package launching process. You wouldn't want to risk our carrier pidgeon's life would you? We're terribly sorry but due to high order volume, we can't make any changes to an existing order including cancellation.

We have free returns and exchanges, so we ask that if you need to swap out or send anything back, you head on over to our returns portal and we'll get you into the goods you need to keep partying.

You can start your exchange or return right here:

If an incorrect address was entered for your order you can get some more information on that by clicking on this handy link: I put the wrong address in, and my order already shipped!
We're terribly sorry, but due to high volume of packages we are shipping we are unable to make ANY changes to an existing order or cancel it after it has been placed.

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