My credit card declined, why won't it go through?

Updated 2 months ago by Forrest

Don’t worry, your hard-earned Cheddar is still good here. The most common errors we see are:

  • The CVV (three digit code on the back of your card) is incorrect: Move your fingers out of the way and make sure you typed it correctly.
  • The billing zip code you entered does not match the billing zip code on the card: You live in Cali, but your card's billing address is in Idaho. Use the address where you got the card in the mail. 
  • Your bank is confused: If you rarely use your card to buy life changing party suits, then your bank may be wondering what the hell is going on and halted the transaction because they think someone jacked your shit. Call your bank and tell them it's all good. Once they lift the hold, give 'er another go, eh?
If all else fails, get a brand new credit card solely for purchasing our goods. You can also reach out to us via email at and we can lend a hand.

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