Can I send two subscriptions to different addresses?

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Congratulations on having a friend, family member, or mistress who needs some undies!

We can absolutely send multiple subscriptions to different addresses, but we are going to have to use a bit of a work around.

In order to send multiple subscriptions to different addresses the subscriptions need to be on separate accounts (email addresses).
In order to send two different subscriptions to two different addresses you would need to setup the accounts under separate email addresses as such.
  • First Email:
  • Monthly Boxer Subscription (Size Large)
  • Address: 1234 Sauce Ct. Beaverville, CO, 80025

  • Second Email:
  • Monthly Thong Subscription (Size Medium)
  • Address: 6969 Yeetus Lane, Shishkabab, AR, 82927

If you sign up for two subscriptions under the same email address, they will be sent to the same mailing address no matter what.

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