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How do I login to my account?

You can login or create your Shinesty account by following this link


1.) When you following that link you'll get to a page that looks like this: 


2.) After you fill out your information and click "Create Account" the screen will change and show you this message: We have sent an email to your email address, please click the link included to verify your email address. 

3.) Go log in to the email account that is listed and click on the new email from Shinesty in your inbox. When you open it it will look like this: 

4.) Click the blue "Activate your account" button and it will take you back to the website and log you into your account which will look like this: 


In your account you will be able to see all your past orders and manage your boxer subscription.


If you run into any issues or have any other questions feel free to reach out to Customer Service for help. 

The quickest way to reach us is via Chat on the website. It will be a red box that pops up in the bottom right corner of the website like so: 


Chatting in will get you the quickest resolution in the fastest time.


You can always reach out to Customer Service at any time by emailing us your question to: 


Or if you don't want to do either of those, then you'll need to click the, "email us", button and follow all these steps that will ultimately get you to do either of the above options. After suggested articles are brought up for you, click the "I Still Need Help Submit my question" button on the bottom left of the popup to send us an email or chat in.


After you hit, "I still need help", above it'll bring up this screen. Then, you can either chat with us during business hours (M-F 9AM-5PM MST) or email us and we'll get you squared away!




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