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My boxers ripped after one wash?!?!?

Ah, shit. There could be a ton of reasons for that to happen: you got bitten in the hooch by a passing bald eagle, you're aggressively hot-yoggaing at that studio with the cute girl you keep stalking, or you're working your ass off tossing lumberwood into the back of a Dodge Ram like in the commercials.


Either way, we built some care instructions for all working types to help prevent wears and tears. Printed on the back of your Ball Hammock Boxers are care instructions. Because you're probably wearing them right now, and to prevent you from putting your face in direct proximity to where your ass has been, we blew up the care instructions here for you:




Following these care instructions will help prevent some commonly associated symptoms like holes appearing in your underwear after one or two washes, or piling of the internal linings.




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