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Pick my next pairUpdated 13 days ago

You’re in control of your subscription. So, whether you want to pick your next pair, fine-tune your ongoing preferences, or tweak your order date, we've made it super easy by logging into your account and navigating to the Upcoming Orders page.

Heads up, all changes must be made 48 hours prior to your subscription order being placed or fulfilled for the adjustments to apply! 

Pick Your Next Pair:

  • Hover over the pair you want to swap.

  • Click on "Manage Next Pair."

  • Choose a new print that speaks to you.

Changing Your Size:

  • Hover over the pair you want to resize.

  • Click “Change Size”.

  • Pick your new size from the options.

  • If you want all your future shipments to follow suit, just check "Apply changes to future shipments."

Adjusting Your Order Date:

  • Click on "Edit Schedule" – because timing is everything.

  • Select the new date that suits your schedule.

  • Seal the deal with a click on “Save Changes.”

Subscription Preferences Tab: Make It Yours

In the Subscription Preferences section, you're the captain. Update your Product Type, Size, and Flavor (for men’s products only) to make sure every shipment matches your style.

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