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You are in full control of your subscription and can cancel at any time.

Pick my next pair

Taking Charge of Your Subscription - Manage your Shinesty subscription with ease. Swap your next pair, adjust sizes, change order dates, and customize your preferences effortlessly through your account page. Your subscription, your way.

How can I manage my next underwear subscription shipment to avoid duplicates or to choose a specific print?

To manage your next underwear subscription shipment and avoid duplicates or select a specific print, follow these steps:

How can I cancel part of my subscription without cancelling everything?

If your subscription includes multiple items and you want to cancel just some of them, please visit the "Account Details" page in your customer portal. There, click on "Quit Plan" and choose the specific subscription you wish to cancel.

How can I return or exchange an item from my subscription?

To initiate a return or exchange follow these steps:. Please note, due to sanitary reasons, underwear can only be exchanged, not returned. If you encounter any issues during this process, contact customer service for prompt assistance.